The sun will rise


Whew… life has been exhausting and hard for the last few months, which is why no new music. Major upheavals that were beyond anything I could ever have foreseen, such that it all seems like some bizarre unreal dream.

One facet of that has been a move at short notice, so am just settling in and setting up and getting used to a new normal. There are challenges ahead – with new rent to pay, and changes to my financial situation, there is much uncertainty. But on other scores, more stability. In the end, I will accept that uncertainty as it is at least primarily under my control!

After months of barely touching an instrument, today was the day I played and wrote in earnestĀ for the first time in months! In part, getting things ready so there is a “routine” to be able to follow to get to the point of getting songs done on… well not paper, but digital storage!

I did pick up on some songs from the rock side, but for my instrumental side I returned to my 5/4 piece, which is going to take a while to finish – the 5/4 time section is the middle of three at the moment, with the first and last sections being just scratch notes for now, so this one is a long term project!

I also had one of those random themes pop into my mind, so set that down, and it may tie in to a short festive piece I’ve had around for ages, we’ll see. If it does, would be good to get that wrapped up in the next week or so, as the right time of year to release that upon the world!

Meantime, if you are facing adversity yourself, persevere and have faith – for however grey the day seems, or dark life appears, the sun will rise again and return warmth and colour to your world.

– Faol Glas


Songwriting Log Aug 2nd

Been back to working on some pieces. Sometimes it goes fast, ideas just pop down and things develop quickly – other times it is a slower and more painful experience. Lately it’s been the latter!


Working in the studio.

Been working on the bass for a track called “Optical Detectors” (a strange name, comes about because it started life as a short extract to accompany a demo video for 3D sofware), but has been hard to make it sound like it all gels. Have played around with whether the bass (and the synth pad) should be an eighth note early or not at a couple of places to get it sitting comfy, and still not 100% decided.

So I left it and moved on to another as-yet-unnamed piece, and decided it needed bass next – there’s no escape! That went a bit better and got something working for it. So far it’s pretty short, not sure where it needs to go, what other sections it will grow like branches sprouting off a tree. Time will tell!

Celtic Soul

CelticSoul_imageDevelopment on the next collection of pieces, Celtic Soul, has slowed a little – this is due to being creative in other fields!

First, I have been working on a ton of 3D animation, which is my “day job,” and then I also had a lot of inspiration on the rock side of things so focused on recording those songs.

All is not lost nor forgotten though! I’ve just put together the front cover for the collection of songs, which I am rather pleased with!

I’ve also collected a few new items in the sonic arsenal – Harmor, a synth from Sonic Line, andĀ the Restoration Suite from Acon Digital, which is perfect for recording bass and guitar (or rather, for cleaning them up after recording!)

Now, I just need to find time to put them to good use!

All the best,

Faol Glas