Form From Void


Music has been a bit on-and-off-again lately, with work having spikes and lulls, and with a lull today I jumped back in to work on “Form From Void” – this one used to be called the rather random “Optical Detectors” just from its history, but I had to find a better name for it!

Extremely pleased with the electric guitar sound, and the bass sound – used my bass guitar for this, a synth just didn’t sound right. It inspired the above image, which makes good watching while the track is playing, heh! You can hear the track here!


Some things came up – Cubase (running through ASIO4ALL which has always given me the best latency) has always grabbed all the sound to itself while running, such that anything that wants to make noise freezes (eg an MP3 player or a video on YouTube.)

Since upgrading to Win 10 though, sometimes this freeze continues even once Cubase is closed. Found I had to disable my AudioBox as a sound device and re-enable to get it to clear. So there’s a tip if anyone else has the same problem!

Next up, my latency was supposed to be a pretty good 3ms, but I could tell it wasn’t. Hit a string on the acoustic, and there was just the teeniest bit of delay in response. I found that disabling ASIO Guard in Cubase remedied this. Weird, wouldn’t you think that a Guard would ensure the ASIO was working at its best?! So another tip.