Adieu AM Freehand


This is an image of something I can no longer see – the GUI for Angular Momentum’s Freehand.

I’m rather partial to this synth, but worse, it was the mainstay of a track  I was just wrapping up. I found that one sound, Rising Pad, was causing clicks and wanted to get in to the synth to see if there was something that could be tweaked to avoid this, but alas, it just crashes when I try to open the GUI in Cubase, so I have no way to edit the sound.

Had to get creative and add Acon Digital’s Declick to the final stereo channels (somehow adding that as an insert on the synth track itself wasn’t doing the job.)

Rather a shame, as I will have to avoid using this synth anywhere again now that I can’t get in to the GUI – if anyone knows an answer, let me know!


The sun will rise


Whew… life has been exhausting and hard for the last few months, which is why no new music. Major upheavals that were beyond anything I could ever have foreseen, such that it all seems like some bizarre unreal dream.

One facet of that has been a move at short notice, so am just settling in and setting up and getting used to a new normal. There are challenges ahead – with new rent to pay, and changes to my financial situation, there is much uncertainty. But on other scores, more stability. In the end, I will accept that uncertainty as it is at least primarily under my control!

After months of barely touching an instrument, today was the day I played and wrote in earnest for the first time in months! In part, getting things ready so there is a “routine” to be able to follow to get to the point of getting songs done on… well not paper, but digital storage!

I did pick up on some songs from the rock side, but for my instrumental side I returned to my 5/4 piece, which is going to take a while to finish – the 5/4 time section is the middle of three at the moment, with the first and last sections being just scratch notes for now, so this one is a long term project!

I also had one of those random themes pop into my mind, so set that down, and it may tie in to a short festive piece I’ve had around for ages, we’ll see. If it does, would be good to get that wrapped up in the next week or so, as the right time of year to release that upon the world!

Meantime, if you are facing adversity yourself, persevere and have faith – for however grey the day seems, or dark life appears, the sun will rise again and return warmth and colour to your world.

– Faol Glas

Form From Void


Music has been a bit on-and-off-again lately, with work having spikes and lulls, and with a lull today I jumped back in to work on “Form From Void” – this one used to be called the rather random “Optical Detectors” just from its history, but I had to find a better name for it!

Extremely pleased with the electric guitar sound, and the bass sound – used my bass guitar for this, a synth just didn’t sound right. It inspired the above image, which makes good watching while the track is playing, heh! You can hear the track here!


Some things came up – Cubase (running through ASIO4ALL which has always given me the best latency) has always grabbed all the sound to itself while running, such that anything that wants to make noise freezes (eg an MP3 player or a video on YouTube.)

Since upgrading to Win 10 though, sometimes this freeze continues even once Cubase is closed. Found I had to disable my AudioBox as a sound device and re-enable to get it to clear. So there’s a tip if anyone else has the same problem!

Next up, my latency was supposed to be a pretty good 3ms, but I could tell it wasn’t. Hit a string on the acoustic, and there was just the teeniest bit of delay in response. I found that disabling ASIO Guard in Cubase remedied this. Weird, wouldn’t you think that a Guard would ensure the ASIO was working at its best?! So another tip.

Forest Kingdom II – Winds

I have quite a battery of synths in my collection, they’re kind of addictive to collect. Going to briefly mention Forest Kingdom II today, as I was using it this afternoon.

ForestKingdomII_s This synth does a lot of things well, so I’ll be coming back to it sometime, today I am just going to mention the Winds section.

In there you’ll find a collection of ethnic and folk flutes, and a didgeridoo to boot, probably more, I don’t recall and it’s late and I’m not going to open it up to see!

The flutes, like many instruments, have various intonations and expressions, so you get a more natural sound than just a same-sounding note across the keyboard – this is a big plus to me, and I love the way that Forest Kingdom II implements this.

I guess I should note that anyone who plays a real wind instrument may still cringe at the sound, just as I cringe at the sound of ANY synth guitar.

There’s never been one, acoustic or electric guitar sound, that I haven’t found very unpleasant indeed. Note that this is not the same as feeding a real guitar through a synth, that works, done that sometimes myself; it’s when the synth tries to be a guitar that I find it quite hideous.

So, my apologies to those players of other instruments that I will never be able to afford the money to buy and the time to learn! I will keep right on using the electronic sounds which sound awesome to my ears!


Today was writing a short piece that will accompany the intro sequence to a video series, relating to spirituality. As it happens, I’m creating the video intro too.

Anyway, I find writing short pieces like this harder than writing long ones! A curious thing. There’s not much in it, in terms of notes, you can see it on the right there – mostly it was a lot of “engineering” that went into it, finding the right sounds, tweaking them just so, etc.

Oh and this was my first recording of my bodhrán, that was interesting too – always wanted to try that since I have a decent mic. Fortunately being a short piece where the drum isn’t very loud anyway, I was able to play it sufficiently well to work!

I may extend this piece, whether or not I end up using it in the intro sequence – maybe I should have just started it as a long piece and grabbed a section of it for the intro, might have been easier than trying to write it short!

Go in light,
Faol Glas