For the gear heads

A fair bit of new gear added, and some new gear not. First, the not added –


Roland Cloud

I was excited to try the 30 day demo of this a few months back, because…

Roland Cloud SH-101

The SH-101! My very first synth, in full emulated form! The 30 day demo seemed ok, so after a month or two had passed I decided to sign up for the subscription version. It was pretty cool having the D-50 and Jupiter 8 too, though the System 100 was my favorite, a patch bay style modular synth that could plug anything into anything.

But and however – I upgraded everything because a new release had come out since I demo’ed it, and suddenly none of the VST 3 versions of the synths wouldn’t work. They loaded, they made a noise, but the interface was reduced to a tiny, empty box. The VST 2s still worked, so I contacted support.

I gave them my system details, that I was on Cubase 8 and so on… their response made me unsubscribe. They said “We tested it on Cubase 8.5, that’s the fix.”


No diagnosing to see if it was just the fact it was Cubase 8 (could be because it’s a dual Xeon system, could be something else I have installed on my system, who knows!), that was the long and short of the answer, delivered in a pretty short tone too. All rather odd because every other VST 3 I have works just fine.

Now, I will also add that the interfaces on these things are terrible – the interfaces are just tiny images, too small to see on a 1920 x 1080 monitor, and there’s a zoom in feature that simply zooms in on this tiny image, resulting in a large but now very fuzzy image. Pretty shitty – why not just have 2 or 3 resolutions of image?

Anyway, since the VST 3s had gone from working to not working in the space of one update, and support had no interest in even having a look to see if there was a resolution, I thought no point in subscribing and writing things on this because who knows if some upgrade along the way, the VST 2s would disappear up their own arse as well and I’d be left with a bunch of songs that were inaccessible, and I could bet on the same short reply from support there at Roland should that day ever arrive.

In fairness, they did cancel my subscription, even though the terms and conditions pretty much say that can never happen (they mentioned that it hadn’t cleared yet, so they could cancel it), so that was one plus point. A shame, but there you go.



Having lost access to the modular System 100, I wanted to find something similar. I’m contemplating doing some “space rock” (think Hawkwind-style) and that needs warbly weirdness. Besides, it’s just fun messing around with a patch bay! Enter….


Mmmm nice synth! This is the empty set up, so it’s not covered with cable spaghetti, it looks even better when it is. Plug anything into anything else, create arps with the sequencer, draw graphs (on page 2 of the UI) and get as crazy as you can think of! Bliss!

I demo’ed a bunch of different ones before settling on this one. Check it out for yourself!


Novation Impulse 49

This search for new synths was prompted by an upgrade on my keyboard. Having been working with a very basic Line 6 synth-style no-aftertouch device, I decided to get something semi-weighted. After doing a lot of tedious reading and watching of YouTube videos, I settled on…


I didn’t really want the pads, knobs and sliders, just a nice keyboard, though I will try and make use of them now I’ve got ’em. Liking the keys so far! The Automap software is a mixed blessing, will write more about it in depth later (or maybe YouTube it) – it took a bit more setting up than it said (the settings I had to use were not what was shown), the transport buttons are great to start recording without poking at mouse of computer keyboard, sometimes the plugin controls are useful, but at the moment all the native Steinberg effects become “locked” from mouse editing and I have to use the Impulse to change the settings. So some good, some bad.

Visit Novation to read more.


Geist 2

I am considering creating some music for sale on licensing websites, the stock music kind of sites. Plus I also wanted another way to create drum tracks that were more electronic in nature. I wanted some ability to randomize things too. Tried out a few demos again, and settled on….

Geist 2

Did try out the slightly cheaper Tremor too, but I liked this better, even though I am planning on using it for drums and rhythm tracks rather than whole “song like” things.

Mostly good so far, has had a few hiccups (it has flaked out on me twice in the last day, haven’t quite fathomed recording into it yet as when I did it moved all the notes around), but overall it’s doing what I wanted from it. The Transmod feature is awesome, the sounds are pretty good, I can use it to drive EZDrummer too if I want or record into Midi from it, so will be a nice flexible addition.

I’ll have to explore doing some things that are always a bit tricky, like having “random bells” or even “random windchimes” – not tried it yet, but I think with it’s various randomization abilities plus maybe some Transmod, it should work. We’ll see!

FXpansion’s Geist 2 page.



With all this new gear, spent some time learning it, and some time hopping about from one experiment to another. Did some tweaking on an in-progress track, The Five Sisters, which has a long way to go as it is going to be a multi-part piece

The Five Sisters.jpg

At the moment, it’s a lot of copy and paste to lay out the structure for the first main theme, so will need to go through and record those parts in full (even if they are repeating, it’s always more human-sounding and alive to play them than just repeat them in the software).

Got some ideas for some of the other themes too.

Throw in some sound design on the new Bazille, some categorizing of sounds on the machine (one reason I don’t want to update Cubase, because it loses all the categorization I’ve done in its library system so that I don’t have to wade through crap sounds to find the ones I like!), and a bit of guitar sound designing in getting a Mike Oldfield style highly compressed clean Strat sound.

Expect some equipment reviews / demos here or on YouTube, and snippets of in-progress music when it gets far enough along! Happy Halloween for when it rolls around!


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