Adieu AM Freehand


This is an image of something I can no longer see – the GUI for Angular Momentum’s Freehand.

I’m rather partial to this synth, but worse, it was the mainstay of a track  I was just wrapping up. I found that one sound, Rising Pad, was causing clicks and wanted to get in to the synth to see if there was something that could be tweaked to avoid this, but alas, it just crashes when I try to open the GUI in Cubase, so I have no way to edit the sound.

Had to get creative and add Acon Digital’s Declick to the final stereo channels (somehow adding that as an insert on the synth track itself wasn’t doing the job.)

Rather a shame, as I will have to avoid using this synth anywhere again now that I can’t get in to the GUI – if anyone knows an answer, let me know!


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