Songwriting Log Aug 2nd

Been back to working on some pieces. Sometimes it goes fast, ideas just pop down and things develop quickly – other times it is a slower and more painful experience. Lately it’s been the latter!


Working in the studio.

Been working on the bass for a track called “Optical Detectors” (a strange name, comes about because it started life as a short extract to accompany a demo video for 3D sofware), but has been hard to make it sound like it all gels. Have played around with whether the bass (and the synth pad) should be an eighth note early or not at a couple of places to get it sitting comfy, and still not 100% decided.

So I left it and moved on to another as-yet-unnamed piece, and decided it needed bass next – there’s no escape! That went a bit better and got something working for it. So far it’s pretty short, not sure where it needs to go, what other sections it will grow like branches sprouting off a tree. Time will tell!


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