Forest Kingdom II – Winds

I have quite a battery of synths in my collection, they’re kind of addictive to collect. Going to briefly mention Forest Kingdom II today, as I was using it this afternoon.

ForestKingdomII_s This synth does a lot of things well, so I’ll be coming back to it sometime, today I am just going to mention the Winds section.

In there you’ll find a collection of ethnic and folk flutes, and a didgeridoo to boot, probably more, I don’t recall and it’s late and I’m not going to open it up to see!

The flutes, like many instruments, have various intonations and expressions, so you get a more natural sound than just a same-sounding note across the keyboard – this is a big plus to me, and I love the way that Forest Kingdom II implements this.

I guess I should note that anyone who plays a real wind instrument may still cringe at the sound, just as I cringe at the sound of ANY synth guitar.

There’s never been one, acoustic or electric guitar sound, that I haven’t found very unpleasant indeed. Note that this is not the same as feeding a real guitar through a synth, that works, done that sometimes myself; it’s when the synth tries to be a guitar that I find it quite hideous.

So, my apologies to those players of other instruments that I will never be able to afford the money to buy and the time to learn! I will keep right on using the electronic sounds which sound awesome to my ears!


Today was writing a short piece that will accompany the intro sequence to a video series, relating to spirituality. As it happens, I’m creating the video intro too.

Anyway, I find writing short pieces like this harder than writing long ones! A curious thing. There’s not much in it, in terms of notes, you can see it on the right there – mostly it was a lot of “engineering” that went into it, finding the right sounds, tweaking them just so, etc.

Oh and this was my first recording of my bodhrán, that was interesting too – always wanted to try that since I have a decent mic. Fortunately being a short piece where the drum isn’t very loud anyway, I was able to play it sufficiently well to work!

I may extend this piece, whether or not I end up using it in the intro sequence – maybe I should have just started it as a long piece and grabbed a section of it for the intro, might have been easier than trying to write it short!

Go in light,
Faol Glas


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